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It's such pleasure to welcome you to our heavenly complete makeover beauty salon& spa. We provide the most professional & friendly services. Shangri-La Lotus is a place where you can truly enjoy relax & pamper yourself. We carry the most popular & advanced products to care for your nails.
  • Therapeutic - 50 minutes $85, 60minutes $105, 80 minutes $140, 90 minutes $160
    Shiatsu - 50 minutes $85, 60 minutes $105, 80 minutes $140, 90 minutes $160
    Lomi Lomi - 50 minutes $85, 60 minutes $105, 80 Minutes $140, 90 minutes $160
    Reflexology - 50 minutes $85, 60 minutes $105, 80 minutes $140, 90 minutes $160
    La Stone - 50 minutes $95, 60 minutes $120, 80 minutes $160, 90 minutes $170
  • Therapeutic Massage - My signature massage combines Swedish, deep tissue and foot reflexology. Reflexology compliments the massage in relieving tight and congested muscles. This combination of therapy provides relief and relaxation.
  • Foot Reflexology - Reflexology is a specific pressure technique that works on precise points on the feet that corresponds with all body parts.Reflexology stimulates congested areas at the same time its relaxes the body and mind.
  • Sports - This massage focuses on specific areas of need. It relieves muscle tension and spasms. Stretching is performed to increase range of motion.
  • Prenatal - Prenatal massage promotes relaxation and helps with the physical, emotional and hormonal changes that occur during pregnancy. A pregnancy pillow provides support and comfort.
  • La Stone - Smooth, heated basalt stones are used. This hot stone massage allows tense muscles to soften, resulting in deep relaxation for the body and mind.
  • Removal of Ear Wax - $60 (coupon not valid)
    Jenny uses ear candling, a natural way to remove excess wax and debris from inside the ear. A long, hollow, tapered “candle,” usually a cone made of muslin and coated with wax, is inserted into the ear and lit. The smoke moves down the cone, into the ear and back out, creating a vacuum effect that draws out debris and wax. Once you are lying comfortably in Jenny’s beautiful spa, she massages your neck and shoulders, and listening to the soft music all the worries seem to melt away. She will put the candles in your ears, light them and soon you will feel the warmth in your ear. It takes about 15 or 20 minutes for the first candle to burn down; then she will put drops of oil in your ear, tilt your head and will repeat the procedure on the other side. After everything is over, you can look inside the candle and see what your ear had coughed up!
  • MLIS Body Contour - $45 (coupon not valid)
    The M’LIS Body Contour Wrap is an all-natural holistic approach to body contouring that has been helping people lose cellulite and inches since 1979. When the body’s circulation and elimination systems become impaired, toxins and waste materials become trapped in the vulnerable fat cells of the connective tissue. The M’LIS wrap uses circulation and gentle pressure to flush toxins and waste materials from the system through internal detoxification of the body. Stored toxins are permanently removed at the cellular level through the circulatory and lymphatic systems. This creates a permanent inch loss of up to 14 inches, while improving general health, nourishing the skin, and contouring the soft areas of the body.
  • BODY WRAP LOOSE INCHES 4-15 Inches Today!
    This healthy inch loss program is a toxin cleanse that creates a very definite size loss from fatty areas. The aloe vera in the solution will moisturize, tone and tighten the skin to feel baby soft. No showering is needed after the wrap. The treatment and"all food" ingredient are perfectly safe, healthy and very relaxing.

    Stretch marks are partial tears in the skin resulting from the stress of being overweight or from pregnancy. The stretched area becomes smaller during the body wrap skin-tightening process, thereby reducing size and color of stretch marks. The Aloe Gel will rourish the skin cells for speeding the growth of fresh new cells.

    We also add Galvanic Spa Device Treatment for Cellulite, and Flab: Targets pockets of fat and toxins for a firmer appearance while smoothing out CELLULITE with Firming GEL.
  • Natural Facelift without Surgery - $80
    Jenny has a wrinkle treatment that addresses the physical cause of deep lines, using facial pads made from natural, skin-friendly materials. These are applied to the forehead and corners of the eyes and mouth to gently re-educate the underlying muscles to assume their correct, relaxed and natural appearance. These pads, in fact, allow the deep expression lines to heal leaving younger, relaxed-looking skin. Ask Jenny about this new product – you will be amazed and you will love it!
  • Set Eyelash Extension (First Time) $250-$350
  • Eyelash Refill 2 Weeks $80
  • 3 Weeks $80-$100
  • 4 Weeks $100-$140 and up
  • Upper Eyeliner (includes touch up) 1st time only $400
  • Lower Eyeliner $400
  • Eye Brows $450-$500
  • Lips Liner $400
  • Permanent Full Lips $500-$550
  • CUT:
    Women $50-$100
    Men $45-$70
    Children $35-$45
  • COLOR:
    Single Process Color $90 and up
    Single Process Touch-up $70 and up
    Partial Highlight $80 and up
    Full Highlight$100 and up
    Toner/Glaze $50 and up
    Color Correction By Consultation
    Design Permanent Wave By Consultation
    Japanese Hair Straightening By Consultation
    Hair Extensions By Consultation
    Updo& Make-Up $75 and up
    Bridal Hair & Make-Up Package By Consultation
    Shampoo& Style $35 and up
    (flat iron and curling iron work additional $25)
    Deluxe Scalp Treatmenta la carta $35
    with blow dry and style $50-$60
    Ceremonial Scalp Treatment $30 and up
  • Heavenly Indulgence Facial - 60 minutes $120, 90 minutes $160
  • Anti-Wrinkle Galvanic Treatment - 60 minutes $120, 90 minutes $160
  • Red Light Therapy Facial - 60 minutes $120, 90 minutes $160
  • Back Treatment $50-$80 30Min - 60 Min.
  • Derma File (Micro- Dermabration) - 60 minutes $130, 90 mintues $170
  • Teen Facial - 60 Min $100
  • 5 Treatment Dermafile Package - $550

Superior Exfoliation & Cellular Rejuvenation: A Scientific Breakthrough....

The Omega Peel Technology - Gentle Massaging For 90 Seconds....

Static charge + ingredients = loosening of the bonds between skin cells

Penetration to lower epidermal layer = loosening + absorption of microscopic impurities and dead skin cells

Bonding+solidification = Disposal of impurities and dead skin cells + Dilation of capillaries for 1-2 hours for increased blood flow to new skin cells = Healthier Skin Cells = Larger Skin Cells = Fewer Wrinkles=Superior Skin Renewal

Beautiful and Younger Looking Skin!
A Skin Care Breakthrough.....Omega Peel.

Superior exfoliation & cellular rejuvenation...
• Penetrates deeper into the lower layer of the skin!
• Removes old, dead skin cells and impurities!
• Promotes growth of new and healthier skin cells!
• Evens the skin tone and fades discoloration!
• Enhances the positive effects from other treatments

How does Omega Peel work?
Based on a dynamically new principle of engineering technology, OMEGA PEEL is the first and only skin care product of exfoliate with the mechanism of a Static Electric Charge-instead of through an active, chemical agent> This charge is released when the formula changes its physical composition from a gel into a fine,penetrating liquid state. The charge itself is the active agent. It Neutralizes the weakened electromagnetic bonds that lock living and dead skin cells together. By following the strategy of nature's own renewal process, OMEGA PEEL is able to accelerate this process without inflicting trauma or stress onto the living and developing skin tissue.

Once the bonds of dead cells are unlocked, these cells (along with any micro-impurities trapped in the skin) become suspended in the liquid. As they float free, the liquid adheres to these unattached cells, beginning its final stage and transformation. Via the massaging motion, the dead cells collide and are bound together by the liquid which is now starting to solidify, rolling up into soft clumps, then sloughing away. Some areas of the skin clump together more heavily than other areas. This process will identify where there are thicker densities of dead cell accumulation.

WHY is Omega Peel different from other exfoliating products?
There are numerous types of exfoliating treatments available, but they all have one thing in common. They all stripand traumatize living cell tissue to various degrees. Glycolic acid is the most frequently used product--- but acid irritates. Enzymes actually chew away the dead cell layer. Scrubs either abrade lightly for a poor exfoliation job, or abrade heavily until the living tissue is traumatized. Masks simply pull away and strip.

Omega Peel bypasses such treatment of the skin by gently neutralizing ONLY the weakened bonds holding dead cells onto living tissue.

How does Omega Peel rejuvenate the skin?
Skin needs to be challenged, just like muscles or brain cells, if it is to stay strong and healthy. OMEGA PEEL provides this challenge by pruning the skin of lifeless cells and allowing the room to replenish with new growth. And because the developing tissue is left unharmed by this process, it is given an enhanced potential for its own wellness and vitality. Such a balance is promoted because of the formula's completely natural process. Furthermore, the use of OMEGA PEEL stimulates capillaries for increased blood flow so that the body can more effectively nourish the developing cell tissue. All of these benefits lead to plumper, healthier cels and a reduction in fine lines----- as well as softer, finer, more vibrant skin through continue use.

Why should everyone who uses glycolic acid use OMEGA PEEL too?
OMEGA PEEL is the most advanced and effective choice for superior exfoliation, repair and renewal of cellular tissue without CAUSING ANY IRRITATION. However, glycolic acid is a common choice for increased formation of collagen and elastin in the cells( Especially in combination with GAIA's organic sulfur "MSM" and "buffered" glycolic acid. See the "Alpha+MSM" brochure). A scientifically proven method to create more radiant and younger looking skin---- but many are not aware of the negative side effects from prolonged glycolic acid usage and how such damage can be avoided. Continuous exposure to acid (even low percentage solutions for daily use) creates a cumulative effect over time. Acid achieves its exfoliation results through burning and it irritates living tissue. The skin will not tolerate such treatment for long before it acts to defend itself. An example of this defense system in action is a CALLUS. Acid causes the skin to defend itself by thickening cell walls and increasing the number of cells in the skin's outer layer. Once this barrier is formed, it blocks the acid from effective penetratation. It also block moisturizers, vitamin creams and any other nourishment applied to the skin from deep absorption.

When OMEGA PEEL is used once a week in conjunction with glycolic acid( ALPHA+ MSM "Skin Food" the OMEGA PEEL not only prevents cell build-up and thickening from acid irritation, but it also enhances glycolic acid's and MSM's positive effects. It also primes the skin for far better absorption of other nutrients by keeping the skin pruned and fresh. If you have acid sensitive skin, use the NUTRA+MSM lotion in combination with the OMEGA PEEL.


1. Continue Microcurrent
2. Seven (7) LED LIGHTS
3.10% Oxygen Gel treats....
9.Tissue & muscles for a non surgical facelift....

This machine utilizes Microcurrent technology and LED light therapy. It sends a mild, pulsating current into the skin to help exercise and restore tone to facial muscles and drives skin care products deeper into the skin. The RED LED LIGHT(640nm) reduces lines and wrinkles and helps skin achieves a more radiant appearance. The BLUE LED(470nm) is for acne, rosacea and other abnormal skin conditions and the YELLOW (590nm) is for scar reduction and wound healing. The GREEN(525nm) treats discolorations caused by hyper-pigmentation. There are three(3) more colors, consult the "Machine Manual" for more treatment options!

• Removes make-up, oil and dirt better than traditional.
• Helps reduce dry and oily skin patches and unclogs pores
• Perfect for all skin types and ages
• Cleans fast while exfoliating
• Promotes the appearance of healthier, younger-looking skin
• Increases the performance of daily skin care products through better absorption

NUTRA SONIC is a face and body cleasing device that is intended to help you get clean and healthy looking skin.

    Full Leg $70
    Full and Bikini $90
    Haft Leg $45
    Haft Leg and Bikini $70
  • Bikini Waxing
    Bikini $60
    Brazillian First Time $85
    Brazillian Mantenance $65
  • Arm Waxing
    Under Arms $35
    Full Arm $45
    Haft Arm $35
    Back Wax or Chest for Men $70
  • Face Waxing
    Eyebrow Design $30-$35
    Eyebrow Maintenance $25
    Lip, Chin, or Forehead $25
    Full Face Wax (does not include eyebrow) $50
    Full Face Tweeze ( include eyebrow) $75
    Eyebrow& Eyelash Tint $55
  • Spa Manicure 45 Min $45 (include hands$ arms massage)
  • Pedicure Deluxe 60 Min Legs & Feet Massage $75
  • Spa Reflexology Pedicure 75 Min $85

We prevent ingrown toes nails grow or make referral to Dr., cracked heels, dry skin& peeling, fungus problems.

Treat yourself to the most relaxing pedicure in the world! Your feet, ankles, and legs will enjoy the swirling warm water of the spa chair, followed by a purifying sea salt scrub, essential oil, steamed milk, and hot towel treatments. Our spa chair is very safe, because we use a PIPELESS SYSTEM. No Water Recycled.

    Full Set Pink & White $70-$75
    Nail Set $65
    French Fill $50-$55
    Spa Man $40-45
    Spa Refexology Pedicure $75-$85 - 75 Min.
    Set Overlays No Forms $55
    Set Removal $35
    Polish Change and File $35
    Nail Repair $7-$10
    Polish Change $25
    Nail Art $7-$45

    Beautiful grooming that fits your lifestyle
  • Face& body Wedding Make-Up $150-$300
  • Party Make-up $85
  • Stage Make-up $120- $150
We have more people joined our salon:
Jenny Lam - Hair Stylist
Quang Le - Hair Stylist and Bridal Make-up, Updo
Jolani - Permanent Make-up Cosmetic

We also take late appointment for Massage Therapy Clinic Treatment ! At least 3 nights a week.

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